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emerald alley

Calum Bell

Flute | Fiddle | Guitar | Piano

Joanna Clare

Fiddle | Vocals | Dance

Traditional Irish music in Northeast America

Richard Osban

Guitar | Banjo | Vocals

emerald alley

Emerald Alley is a traditional Irish band featuring Calum Bell, Joanna Clare, and Richard Osban. Calum Bell is a multi-instrumentalist who has been performing on New England stages since the age of seven, touring with the Bell Family Band.  He brings a mastery far beyond his years to fiddle, flute, guitar, and Highland bag pipes. Joanna Clare is a well-respected Irish fiddler based in Philadelphia. She has six titles at the Mid-Atlantic Fleadh Cheoil in various fiddle competitions as well as newly composed tunes. She recently joined the Celtic Corridor including stalwarts of the Irish music scene in Baltimore. Joanna released her acclaimed debut album in February 2022 and is currently teaching and performing in the Northeast USA. Richard Osban is a guitarist based in Baltimore, Maryland.  He was previously based in Regensburg, Germany, where he toured with several Irish and Scottish projects.  He has most recently played in the Celtic trio Loch and Keys and toured with acclaimed Scottish duo Jocelyn Pettit and Ellen Gira.  His driving and dynamic accompaniment forms the rhythmic foundation of the Emerald Alley. Together, the trio is working on projects to create a traditional yet innovative sound, both in the studio and on the stage. 

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